Arthermo S.R.L.

Arthermo S.R.L.

ARTHERMO was established in 1968 and within a few years, their company became one of the most important manufacturers of thermometers in Italy. Their high quality products were readily welcomed by overseas markets who were beginning to appreciate the excellence of Italian design.

In the seventies, the company was renamed ARTHERMO SRL  following a company merger made necessary by the marked increase in demand and production. The company name was chosen to reflect the philosophy behind the entire company: the Art of The Thermometer. We have always been aware, and remain convinced  today, that the difference between our thermometers and those of their competitors, lies in the passion with which their products are manufactured. ARTHERMO prides itself on taking the upmost care over every single detail of production in order to offer the best to its customers. As a result, their company continued to grow and soon became the worldwide leader in its field, thanks to our continuous efforts to source new materials and to improve the design and quality of our products.


10 July 2017


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